JJ Waterproof Bench scale

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Its permeability level can reach IP68 and the precision is very accurate. It has multiple functions such as fixed value alarm, counting, and overload protection. It is easy to install and convenient to use. Both the platform and the indicator are waterproof. Both are made of stainless steel.


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The inside of the waterproof scale adopts a fully sealed structure to prevent corrosive liquids, gases, etc. from corroding the sensor's elastic body, and greatly improve the life of the sensor. There are two types of functions: stainless steel and plastic. The weighing platform is made of all stainless steel or galvanized and sprayed. It is divided into fixed type and movable type, which can be cleaned. In addition, the waterproof scale is also equipped with a waterproof charger and instrument to achieve a full range of waterproof effects. Waterproof scales are mostly used in food processing workshops, chemical industry, aquatic products market and other sectors.


Model JJ TCS-FH JJ TCS-304
Authentication CE,RoHs
Accuracy III
Operating temperature -10℃~﹢40℃
Power supply Built-in 6V4Ah sealed lead-acid battery (With special charger) or AC 110v / 230v (± 10%)
Built-in 6V4Ah sealed lead-acid battery (With special charger) or  AC 110v / 230v (± 10%)
Plate size 30x40cm 40x50cm 30x40cm 40x50cm
Gross weight 15kg 18kg 10kg 13kg
Shell material Composite material Stainless steel
Display 25mm height large LED
Voltage indicator 3 levels (high, medium, low)
Battery duration of one charge 70 Hours 60 Hours
Auto power off 10 minutes
Capacity 15kg / 30kg / 60kg / 100kg / 150kg / 300kg / 600kg / 1500kg / 3000kg
Interface RS232 / RS485 RS232
Resolution 3000 / 6000/ 15000 / 30000

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